Harnessing the power of nature to obtain useful bio-products.

Our extraction systems are suited for the selective, targeted and pure extraction of valuable bio-products from varied biological sources. These products have a wide range of applications across industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food and beverages.

Herbal Medicines

Herbal medicine is a traditional system of healthcare that uses plants or plant extracts to treat and prevent various diseases. It is a natural form of medicine that has been used for centuries in various cultures around the world. Herbal extracts are concentrated forms of plant material that are made by extracting the active ingredients from the plant using a solvent. These extracts are used in various forms such as tinctures, oils, capsules, and ointments.


Nutraceuticals are products that are derived from food sources and are intended to provide additional health benefits beyond the traditional nutrients they contain. These products are designed to improve overall health and prevent chronic diseases. They can be in the form of isolated nutrients, dietary supplements, or functional foods and are often made from plant or animal extracts.

Flavors & Fragrances

Flavors and fragrances are used to enhance the taste or smell of various products including food, beverages, personal care, and household products. Plant extracts are commonly used in the production of flavors and fragrances due to their unique and pleasant aromas. These extracts can be in the form of essential oils, absolutes, and concretes and are obtained from a variety of plants including flowers, fruits, and spices.


Ginger is a flowering plant that is native to Asia and is commonly used as a spice in cooking and as a traditional medicine. The root of the ginger plant (also known as the ginger rhizome) is used fresh or dried and has a pungent, spicy flavor. Ginger extracts are concentrated forms of ginger that are made by extracting the active ingredients from the ginger rhizome, and are used in the form of oils, tinctures, or powders in various applications including food and beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.


Hops are the female flowers of the hop plant, Humulus lupulus, which is a member of the Cannabaceae family. Hops are used primarily as a flavoring and stabilizing agent in beer, with the extraction of hops typically done to obtain the essential oils and resins that are present in the hops' flowers. These oils and resins contribute to the flavor, aroma, and stability of the beer.


Curcumin extraction is the process of separating the active compound curcumin from turmeric in order to use it in a variety of applications. Curcumin is believed to have a wide range of potential health benefits, including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.


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