Reduce cycle time and eliminate the need for additional processing.

Our systems cut down process time from days to hours to deliver a pristine, full-spectrum product. Eliminate extra processes such as winterization, and optimize recipes based on the harvest with integrated intelligence, giving you a better return on your investment.


Cryogenic Ethanol technology has taken the extraction world by storm since 2019! Also called Cold Ethanol Extraction, the technology cuts down process time from days to hours and delivers a pristine, full-spectrum product. The process is scalable, safe, and can be standardized.

Loaded with compounds from nearly every biogenetic class, Cannabis is a fascinating plant with versatile healing properties. Full spectrum cannabis oil contains multiple molecules which produce the synergic “entourage effect,” surpassing the isolated impact of different compounds.

With customers demanding pure ingredients in products and regulators mandating the same, Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction is at the top of every producer's mind. Technical upgrades will further reinforce the trend.

  • Ethanol (solvent) is chilled to - 40 degree Celsius. At such low temperatures, it is called Cryogenic Ethanol or Cryo Ethanol.
  • Dried and finely milled biomass (Cannabis) is loaded in the Centrifugal Extractor.
  • Cryo Ethanol is introduced in the extractor to extract the required compounds from the Cannabis biomass
  • Centrifugal force is applied to the extractor to separate the Cryo Ethanol containing dissolved molecules from the residual solid biomass.
  • Cryo Ethanol containing dissolved molecules from the residual solid biomass.
  • Mixture from the evaporator is filtered to remove solid impurities from Ethanol.
  • Ethanol is evaporated. This leaves behind pure Cannabis extract (oil).
  • Total Solution : Skidded, scalable system for automated solvent cooling and recovery, extraction, de-solventization, filtration, and decarboxylation.
  • Pure Extraction : 98% ethanol recovery at 350 lit/hr.
  • High-capacity, Continuous Operation : Automation for reliable functioning.
  • Food-grade Construction : Hygienic, SS316 L built.
  • Precise Chilling : Controlled cooling optimizes operational range.
  • Energy Efficiency : Heat recovery minimizes utility expenses.
  • Expert Training & Service : On-site, complete training and rapid resolution of service-maintenance queries, if any.
  • Intuitive Intelligence : SCADA enabled recipe-based control as well as remote monitoring and maintenance..
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