Supercritical Fluid CO2 Extraction Systems

Technical Specifications

Lab Level
Single Extractor Volume (Litre) 2
Number of Extractors 1
Extractors Usage Single
Pressure - Bar(PSI) 350 - 650 (5000 - 9500)
Temperature - deg C(deg F) 70 -110 (158 - 230)
CO2 recirculation Yes
Extractor changeover valves Automatic
CO2 Pump Flowrate (LPH) 40 - 80
Co-Solvent Pump Yes
CO2 Feeding & Recovery System Included
Available Certifications CE / U / U2 / cGMP ASME / BPE / UL / SIL-3

System Features


Precise Pressure Control that guarantees consistent solvent solubility for targeted extraction.


Consistent Flow Control of the pump speed delivers highest levels of extraction efficency.


Superior Sealing Technology ensures minimum downtime and reduce maintenance.


Unique Extractor Closure Design for rapid batch changeovers with minimal interruption.


Special Seperator Design for easy collection of highly resinous and low-viscosity products.


Proprietary Changeover Valves for quick changeover and isolations, even at high pressures.


Intuitive Intelligence with proprietary Tablet APP enabling recipe-based control, remote monitoring and maintenance.

2.5 kg Extractor Processing Capacity Per Batch
350 Bar (5000 PSI) Max. Extraction Pressure
70 °C (158 °F) Max. Extraction Temperature

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