Biomass Pre-Processing Solutions

Increase yield and extraction efficiency with our complete solutions for biomass pre-processing.

Pre-processing retains Cannabinoid profile, improves yield & ensures purity of end products. Significantly improve your product quality with our robust & automatic pre-processing solutions custom designed for your requirements.

hemp drying systems
  • 01. Sorting Conveyors:

    Complete wash-down trough belt conveyors help in sorting and cleaning of biomass by operators.

  • 02. Conveyorized Hemp Drier:

    7 levels of biomass drying via convective drying to ensure precise regulation of temperature & moisture, resulting in no loss in morphology.

  • 03. Continuous Biomass Milling & Weighing-Filling:

    Continuous mill reduces dried biomass particle size, metering into a weighed storage container. An ideal biomass size ensures efficient extraction.

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Technical Specifications

Parameter Value
Capacity 200 / 500 / 700 / 1000
Biomass Particle Size 6 to 8 mesh, 2 to 4 mm (Customizable)
Biomass Moisture Content 6 to 8 % (Adjustable)
Sound Level Below 75 dB
Footprint Customizable as per facility layout
Power Consumption 175 kW
Dryer Heat Capacity 550,000 kcal/hr
Dryer Air Temperature 65°C to 70°C
Dryer Air Velocity 0.5 to 1 m/s
Air Circulation Rate (Overall) 40,000 m3/hr
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System Features

01 hemp drying milling systems

Total Integration From Sorting to Packaging via Conveyors, Buffer Storage and Packaging.

02 hemp drying milling systems

Nutrient Retention Fine grinding without excessive heating.

03 hemp drying milling systems

Minimal Biomass Loss Biomass Recovery System, Trough Conveyors.

04 hemp drying milling systems

Energy Efficiency 80% Dryer air recirculation.

05 hemp drying milling systems

Fuel Flexibility Gas / Electricity / High Speed Diesel (HSS).

06 hemp drying milling systems

Precise Parameter Regulation Uniform, multilayer heating for close temperature and moisture control.

07 hemp drying milling systems

Intelligent Automation Single point HMI/SCADA monitoring and control.


buffalo extraction system certifications
buffalo extraction system certifications
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Buffalo Extraction System website element

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